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Alcohol Poisoning is No Joke – When Does the Poisoning Start?

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 2 comments

What is the safe level for drinking alcohol? Is alcohol both a toxin and a health benefit? If anyone has seen alcohol poisoning, it’s no joke! What am I saying… Of course you have seen alcohol poisoning… Every time you put alcohol into your system, you are really poisoning yourself. Every hangover you ever have is the result of alcohol poisoning.

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  1. Amy Peterson

    I want and need to quit alcohol.

  2. Klari Sivani BOGNAR


    I really love the way you inform ppl on alcohol. It’s so authentic and inspiring 🙂

    Although I still have addiction to it I know how harmful it is to mind, body and soul…

    Great job Kevin, keep doing.


    Klári Sivéni


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