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After Quitting Alcohol Regrets: Hurting Those You Love

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This is the third part of my live-stream, it’s about hurting the people that you people that you love and people that you care about because of alcohol.

I got a nice comment from Dominic Husband, he’s been around for a while, and is somebody that really comments quite a lot. He says, “When I quit three years and one month ago, your videos helped so much, particularly in the earlier days. I’m so glad I quit before these lockdowns began, I have friends who drunk the way through restrictions, and have always stayed sober. The hardest thing for me is worrying about the people I have hurt through the years. Through my drinking, it brought about a lack of empathy. And me, I regret how cold and cowardly I could be. A part of me wants to find these people after restrictions, and make sure that they’re alright. But the other part says, to leave well enough alone and move on.”

The only way to get away from this is when you make those big changes happen in your life. And for the people that you know, if you’re trying to apologize to people, concentrate and focus your mind on the people that you care about.


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