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A Life Dedicated To Alcohol

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 6 comments

What is it that keeps someone talking about alcohol, day after day, for years after they have stopped drinking the poison themselves? Why not just move on and start doing something else? Isn’t that just what is so bad about AA, the constant reminders of the life you are trying your hardest to leave behind….?

A Life Dedicated to Alcohol:

I was going to do something different today – and then I got a message over on Alcohol Mastery – I love it when life gives you something out of the blue like that. It shows you’re paying attention. Not that I wasn’t trying to pay attention when I was drinking. I was. My attention span was a lot smaller, so was my comprehension. When you can’t grasp the few opportunities that come up for you in life because of what you’re doing, it’s time to rethink… If You Can!
Anyway, today’s video is a fair question. Why am I still talking about alcohol 7 years after I quit? I hate that about Alcoholics Anonymous: you are an addict, an alcoholic, a diseased person – for life! No chance of parole… I hope you enjoy the video and have a great day 🙂

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  1. john swisshelm

    Damn Kevin, i Love Love this video, spot on, 17 months without the poison.and your right everything in my life is absolutely awesome, i will never go back to that life, everyday the sun shines for me, Thank you Kevin for all your great videos that helped me to find my way back to John !!!!!

  2. Adam

    Thank you for making these videos. I am struggling with quitting and these videos give me a lot of food for thought.

  3. Karen

    The clarification of your method(s) is invaluable Kevin thank you. Changing just one degree consistently in a forward direction is the defining motion to a better version of oneself AFTER the binary decision has been made. What you say is working for me & I am so very grateful. Good luck with all of your studies they will dovetail beautifully with your work with A.M.
    Here’s to moving into more sunshine & leaving the dark place(s) … for good. Thanks Kevin. Karen-Canada.

  4. Ian Williamson

    I’d just like to chip in with a comment ! – I have just managed to quit drinking – after about 30 years heavy on white cider – 2 for a fiver plonk – etc – just about every day till blackout – with the occasional W/E break – About 3 years ago – I realised I was getting fat – hand eye coordination not so good – and sometimes waking up not able to breath – For the first time in my life I realised I needed to address my drinking – And – by various means ( I could write a book ) – over 3 years – my whole attitude to alcohol has changed – and now – while I like Alcohol – I like the effect – I like the various alcoholic beverages – I like beer wine and spirits – I now see these drinks – with their pleasurable – instant gratification – along side – at the same time with – the many faceted – withdrawal – stretching into the future – and my belly – stretching out into space – and so – when push comes to shove – It realy does come down – to simple – informed – experienced – choice – even in the dark place – where the sun never shines

    • Ian Williamson

      Wondering what to do with my life now – Much – healthier – quite fit – as it goes – bored though – When we talk about the dark place – the shadow side – Yes – it does exist – global warming – finite resources – Hazmat suits – and I can’t get into frolicking in a sunny field of buttercups – now I have relinquished the deadly poison – Seems to me – nothing all that different – Would be great to have some debate – conversation – a bit higher – than the banal – likes – on FB ( :

      • Kevin O'Hara

        It’s a good complaint to have 🙂


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