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A Common Fear About The Symptoms When Quitting Using Alcohol | SDA60

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol, Year Two | 4 comments

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  1. feb1814

    I WAS at that “Hair of the Dog” all day thing 40% of the time and did not feel bad about it.

    But hangovers were only bad when I went over a certain amount (% alcohol times ounces >50)

    Being able to calculate the exact amount, I look at check out lane at the grocery and see other people buying alcohol, and know exactly how I would feel drinking all quantities presented.

    40-50 is on the edge and it would depend how long over the day I drank it and food with it.

    <40, I would not NEED hair of the dog even on an empty stomach. Required a conscious effort to stop though which involves thinking about very possible hangover symptoms. Generally, I would buy this exact amount and drink only at home, this exact amount. Friends (even non-drinkers who knew me) asked me why I bought so little and offered to buy me more.. 🙂 Keep your drink, just give me the money.. LOL

    Knowing these numbers helped me ween off.

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Nice way of thinking about it. Once I started drinking, I never wanted to stop until I was wasted. If I needed, I would take a stagger to the local offy or store to buy more, and quite often a take out of nasty fried food on the way home. I never tire of having more money in my pocket and more memories in my head!

  2. Anthony

    Thanks for talking about this stuff. Your videos are literally recovery in motion, and I enjoy the backdrops as you walk and talk. I haven’t seen every video so forgive me if I ask a question you’ve covered elsewhere. But you’ve said you once quit for 11 months in the past but then went back to drinking. I wonder then what is the fundamental difference in your attitude/approach/reasoning/whatever it is that has carried you to now with that period before when you seemed not to have any clear intention of stopping drinking for good. Was it the factor of aging or something else time related?

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Hey Anthony, I got to a stage where enough was enough. I was seriously thinking about it when I had a drunken argument with my son about money for the next round in a local spanish bar. The main thing I couldn’t justify was not the argument, or the stupid reason for the argument, it was I hadn’t seen my son in a few months. He lives in Ireland and was visiting for a few days. I just realised how much of those precious moments with him I had wasted. Not only during the his visit, but over the years. That was the proverbial last straw! I saw myself and my alcohol use in its true light for the first time in my life. I determined then to quit no matter what. Each of us has a different reason, a different final straw, but it all boils down to the same thing – a complete and utter waste of our short time on this planet.


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