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8 Tips to Stay Away From Alcohol During Tough Times

by | Done, Stop Drinking Alcohol | 7 comments

Here’s a video for this alternate universe we are living in right now. Quitting drinking alcohol was by far the best decision I have ever made in my life. Staying away from the poison is something that doesn’t come hard to me now, but being away from alcohol is something I am very thankful for. To be alcohol freed in the current climate is such a blessing on so many levels. Stay safe and keep calm!


  1. Kate

    Thanks Kevin, I love your videos. I’m in France so on Day 7 lockdown, solitary…. However, I haven’t picked up for nearly 6 months now and I’m not going to although it definitely crossed my mind a couple of times. The one thing I’m taking from this is I’m going to get back out in the dating game when I can, sober, so hopefully I’ll have someone to be locked in with next time! Onwards and upwards : )

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Good for you Kate… Let’s keep up with the lockdown solidarity 🙂

      • Donnie Harrelson

        Hi Kevin, I have decided to quit drinking because of my health, financially can’t afford it, tired of probalms that arrive when I have been drinking, and for the greatest person in my life, MY MOTHER. Thankyou Kevin for inspiration. Donnie

    • Gregory Newton

      Kate: just read your post good it’s worth it. In a nut shell my wife died last August from CHF (congestive heart failure) she was 62. She drank for years. We were only married for 15 months. I quit drinking after she passed. She died in my arms. The alcohol played a key part in a premature death. Go out after all of this virus stuff and find the Love ❤️ of your LIFE! Stay sober!!! I only wish I could have done more to get her to stop. I’m with you on the temptation, but I won’t drink!!! Keven is right his influence was helping!! Better than any AA!!! God bless you. I can not wish what I went through to anyone. We are on lock down in Alabama as with the. World. Loosing someone where alcohol plays a major role is just horrific for the one that survives!!’

  2. Steve Johnston

    The province of Ontario (Canada) has decided that the sale of alcohol is an essential service! While most businesses must close their doors during this pandemic, liquor and beer stores can remain open!

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Unfortunately, this is the same. For most people, alcohol has become so normalised that it is essential, not just for ‘alcoholics’ as they would like you to believe, but for the vast majority of people. Very sad.

  3. Allen Arguedas

    Great video as always Kevin….. a little over 4 months clean over here, and I will never forget the video you posted for the holidays saying that quitting before the holidays is a great opportunity to prove myself that I can do this. It was spot on since I decided to quit on November 21st 2019 and that video helped me stay clean during the holiday season.
    Keep the videos coming…..
    From Costa Rica, onwards and upwards.


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