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7 Ways to Find the Courage to Quit Alcohol or Change Any Bad Habit

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 2 comments

When you quit drinking alcohol, a lot of your new journey is going to be full on the unknown, especially if you want to push yourself to achieve the things you desire in life. With alcohol drinking, it’s easy to hide away, to resist what the world has to offer, and focus just on the momentary pleasure and buzz that the alcohol might deliver. Here are a few ways you can build your courage muscles.

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  1. Bruce M

    Kevin..I have been following you now for the last 19 days (last drink 7/7/17 (Ironic date) – again)! I watch your YouTube video’s daily and they make a lot of sense!! You impress me with your down-to-earth pragmatic approach to this alcohol / disease problem! I say the word disease, because a lot of people in the medical field, believe us “Alkies” have a genetic predisposition towards alcohol – because of our “gene” makeup! I know that at least half my family on the UK & German side were problem drinkers and there were a couple of suicides involved because of booze! I started drinking heavily ever since I joined the RAF, when I was 18 yrs old, because I was a shy lad and thought that was the only way I could “fit in”! But it soon got out of hand and became almost a daily ritual! That unfortunately was almost 50 yrs ago! It has caused havoc in my life at almost every level! I did stop once on my own, for over 5 yrs – but unfortunately relapsed after a series of incidents overwhelmed me..(The passing of my father and then 10 days later having to undergo heart bypass surgery, followed by having to then return to Bermuda ASAP (I was born there) to Probate my fathers contentious “will”) – which took 7/8 months, believe it or not! Those dramatic series-of-events started me back on the bottle – as I was away from my family as well, who were now residing in Arizona! I have tried AA (The big book) and a 30 day US court ordered “treatment centre”! These put me in “check” for a while, but I always returned to the bottle, vowing to do better the next time (Bill Wilson/AA)! How many times have we all said that to ourselves?? This latest episode has cost me my 35 yr marriage + left me with no $$ and the threat of arrest, should I try and return to the USA, because I was a “no show” at an Arizona court for some police charges (Judge issued arrest warrant)! So I am now living in Guaymas, Mexico on a very tight basic UK pension! I have contemplated suicide on a number of occasions – but I guess I don’t have the stomach for it (Yet)! Your videos must be working on me, because I have not had a drink for 19 days now..But I could sure use many on occasion – the trouble is “one is too many and a 100 is not enough”! My biggest problems are boredom and trying to re-invent myself (stay focused)…What do you suggest my “Paddy” mate? Keep up the good work as I’m sure you must have helped 100’s, if not 1000’s of us alcoholics! I’d love to meet you in person, but don’t have the “airfare” to Alicante Spain! You are hopefully my “savior” with your words-of-wisdom! Take care and may God bless you for ALL you do! Very sincerely…Bruce M.

  2. John

    Hi Kevin

    Many thanks for your videos.

    I have never looked at the dictionary meaning of courage as I have my own definition formulated over my lifetime. Courage is simply to me thinking something will be really difficult, scary, uncomfortable, challenging – thinking all these things but you still do it.


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