7 Steps to Breaking Free from the Habit of Instant Gratification

7 Steps to Breaking Free from the Habit of Instant Gratification

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7 Steps to Breaking Free from the Habit of Instant Gratification

I think if you could sum up most alcohol drinking behaviour in a couple of words they would be instant gratification. Unfortunately, we have been conditioned to expect to be instantly gratified in so many areas of life, and it’s getting worse.

Our children have grown up in a world where almost every aspect of life can be had instantly or with very little waiting. The problem is that any success gained through this type of thinking and behaviour is only short lived and very shallow.

Anything meaningful in life, very much including changing your behaviour after you have quit drinking, needs time, persistence, patience, self-awareness, focused intent, and above all hard work.
To get to the places that we want to be in life, we need to accept intermittent failure, pulling back on ourselves to understand what went wrong, and and then expending more effort, more hard work.

I hope you enjoy this post about breaking free from the habit of instant gratification.

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Onwards and Upwards!

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  • Roxanne

    Reply Reply January 30, 2017

    Hi Kevin.
    I’m enjoying your daily inspirations but missing the transcripts, which are my preferred method of access.
    I’m currently on day 6 of my most recent attempt. Hoping this one will end the stop and start cycle. This might be the it! 🙂
    Wish me luck!

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Reply Reply January 31, 2017

      Sorry, haven’t had the time to get the transcripts to some of the more recent ones…good luck with your quit 🙂

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