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6 Scary Ways Alcohol Affects Your Health

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There’s a lot of ways that alcohol damages your body and damages your health apart from your liver, everyone concentrates sort of on the liver and cirrhosis, and that kind of thing..

But there’s a lot of different ways that just drinking alcohol in general, not just heavy drinking, but drinking in general.. First way is through your immune system, your immune system is really the thing that stops a lot of shit from getting inside your body. You know, it basically says on the tin, gives you immunity to a lot of the stuff that’s out there, which would otherwise cause chaos inside your body and say that even small amounts of alcohol affect your immune system. Right? Think about the hangover, I mean, a hangover is in part due to your immune system being diminished. Your immune system, which suffers a lot through heavy drinking. And, you know, it’s one of those things that it’s a cumulative effect, and a widespread effect. So, your immune system is damaged in one area, there’s knock on effects to other areas of your life as well.

Second way where alcohol affects your health is in the quality of sleep that you’re getting. You often hear drinkers say, Well, now I can’t quit drinking, because I always need to have that nightcap to fall asleep. At the end of the, the end of an evening, you know, if I don’t have the, the nightcap, I can’t sleep. And basically, that’s your body just getting used to it’s in the routine of drinking. And you’re not getting sleep, you’re not getting proper sleep anyway, you’re going unconscious, you go into a comatose state, whatever you want to where you want to put it, but you’re not getting the essential sleep that you need. That’s the REM sleep, the rapid eye movement is denoted by rapid eye movement. When you see somebody that’s gone into the REM sleep, their eyes will be closed, but you’ll see their their eyes flickering underneath..

Third scary one for me is that alcohol contributes to a lot of different cancers. You know, like cigarette smoking, you’ve got the obvious ones, you’ve got the throat cancers, the esophageal cancers, the voice box, you’ve got the stomach cancers. I remember drinking, and I used to eat these tablets for indigestion like they were sweets. I used to have to buy them regularly and if I didn’t buy them, I just have severe indigestion and each tablet would only last a small while and eventually they’re, you know, after half an hour or so I’d have to take another one. So my system, my whole stomach, my digestive system was not in a good way. So you’ve got stomach cancer, you’ve got colon cancer, rectal cancer, you’ve also gotten breast cancer and pancreatic cancer. And they’re just the cancers that, you know can be directly attributed to drinking alcohol.

The fourth one is cardiovascular disease, that includes your heart and your veins and arteries, all that kind of stuff. And not only does alcohol have a direct influence on your heart, there’s one called cardiac. What’s the name of encephalopathy, i think it is. Cardiac encephalopathy is basically drooping heart syndrome is where your heart loses its structure.

That brings me to the fifth thing that I wanted to talk about, which was just a massive toll on your body that alcohol exerts soon as alcohol goes into your system, your system shuts down many of the life saving processes that just go on in your body on a moment by moment basis, right? The more alcohol you drink, the more of these things are shut down because your body has to get rid of the alcohol at all costs, right? And your liver has got a lot of different functions apart from getting rid of the toxins from the alcohol that you’re drinking. So all your other organs but your liver will stop doing all the other things and it will concentrate its whole efforts on getting rid of the alcohol until the alcohol is gone. Now it affects every part of your life. Well, you know, alcohol does that. You know, when you’re in the hangover state, when consistently you’ve got this brain fog. And I don’t care how much you drink, you’re going to have a certain amount of brain fog even if you don’t know it’s there, and it’s affecting everything that you do in your life. And once you’ve got this, then you know all these other areas of your life are being affected by that.

Sixth scary one is it causes stress. And as we know, stress is a killer, right? Stress can, under a certain amount of stress in life, which is good, we need stress, right? We need stress to sort of push us forward to make us do things that we otherwise wouldn’t do, right? But too much stress is bad for you, you know, and it’s gonna cause you a lot of problems. So, from that perspective, you know, just having that effect on the outside world and alcohol affecting you in many different ways, it’s going to cause you a lot more problems in the long run.

So I hope you can see from all these things that alcohol is not just something that gets you in one area, and that you might have a weaker heart or something or you might have a more fuzzy your brain or that your liver might be affected. Alcohol affects everything, right? It’s not just one thing. You know, one thing might get you at the end of the day, right? But it’s the quality of life and all of these things add up to a bad quality of life and all because of one thing that you’re doing.


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