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5 Ways To Help Your Liver After You’ve Stopped Drinking Alcohol

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5 Ways To Help Your Liver After You’ve Stopped Drinking Alcohol

After you’ve quit drinking, it’s essential that you give your liver as much help as you can to recover and mend. By helping your liver out in this way, you are also helping the rest of your body. Without your liver you don’t live long. Here’s 5 ways you can help your liver after you’ve stopped drinking alcohol..

1. Eat healthy and clean. What I mean by this is to try to only eat whole foods as much as possible. I’m not really into the whole organic thing, so I don’t think you should be going out of your way to buy specifically labelled organic produce. I buy all my veggies on the market. They come directly from the fields and you know the farmers are not going to poison their land to within a half life of a millenium. I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy organic labelled food if you want.

2. Exercise. Exercising not only makes you stronger, it helps you lose weight. Losing excess weight is a good thing for your liver. If you have a fatty liver, it will be helped by you reducing your overall size and fat content, which in turn helps you to lose the fat in and around your liver… a healthier liver equals a longer life.

3. Don’t self medicate. Avoid using all drugs, including alcohol, nicotine, etc.

4. Avoid chemicals in your life as much as possible. Try to use as many natural cleaning products as you can. The same goes with your deoderants and toothpastes etc. Take a look on youtube for thousands of different homemade and healthy versions of anything you can buy in the shops.

5. Take great care with medication. Tell your doctor or your pharmacist about your liver.

Be kind to your liver once you’ve quit alcohol. Give it the chance to recover. Watch out for the next video where I’ll be showing you 5 other ways that will help your liver recover.

Remember, without the liver you don’t live! Long live the liver!

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5 Ways To Help Your Liver After You've Stopped Drinking Alcohol

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