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5 Things to Avoid To Help Your Liver After Stopping Using Alcohol

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5 Things to Avoid After You’ve Stopped Drinking Alcohol

Your liver is probably the most abused organ in your entire body, for a drinker anyways. It is the organ that is fighting tooth and nail to keep you alive, despite the average drinkers best attempts at sabotage in the name of hedonistic pursuits…

Here’s five things you should avoid after you’ve quit drinking. Leaving these out of your body from now on will give your liver the chance to recover.

1. Avoid all drugs. That includes alcohol, cigarettes, any other type of drug you can think of. If you have to take medication, even over the counter, tell your doc or pharmacy that you’ve quit alcohol after x years and you were wondering if these drugs are going to affect liver function.

2. Fast Food. There are too many studies to mention that have pointed to the damage that all that sugar, fat, and salt does to your poor liver. If you must buy fast food, before you sit down to your meal, take out the burger and the fries and the whatever, throw that into the bin and eat the packaging… you’ll get way more nutrition.

3. Salt. Yep, salt again. It can lead to high blood pressure, it can lead to fatty liver syndrome, and if your liver is already damaged, it can lead to water retention and a swollen and painful liver.

4. Artificial sweeteners. Aspartame, splenda, nutrasweet, etc. The government will advice pregnant women away from these chemicals, you should give them a wide berth as well.

5. MSG. The favourite addition to the food in my local Chinese restaurant. Would you like bean sprouts with your MSG sir? It’s a toxin, it’s damaging to the liver, you should avoid it.

Be kind to your liver once you’ve quit alcohol. Give it the chance to recover. Watch out for the next video where I’ll be showing you 5 foods that will help your liver recover.

Remember, without the liver you don’t live! Long live the liver!

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5 Things to Avoid To Help Your Liver After You've Stopped Drinking Alcohol

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1 Comment

  1. Joyce

    Good one Kevin. Can remember drinking the lager and then then eating the msg laden Chinese. We used to call it Chinese Death via a ‘good night out’. This helps bring it all back. Thank you xx


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