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10 Ways My Life Improved After I Quit Drinking

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10 Ways My Life Improved After I Quit Drinking

Improvement Begins With I


10 Ways My Life Improved After I Quit Drinking

Transcript coming soon.

“Continuous Improvement is Better Than Delayed Perfection” Mark Twain

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Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Teren

    Good one Kevin. Very positive!

  2. Gerry

    Love your walking videos. They just keep getting better.

  3. Brad

    Great video Kevin. Keep up the good work. I am just over 9 months sober and I have found nothing but advantages for not drinking: more energy, more money, more time, more self-esteem, etc…. I am more stable emotionally, calmer, more optimistic and I also have better relations with others, including my lovely wife. I am hoping that things continue to get better over time.

    Thanks for the videos. Really helpful.

  4. Steve

    Kevin you gave me hope when I needed it thank you

  5. NHC

    Good work Kevin! even a week of quitting has positive results.

  6. Stephen

    Great video Kevin! They just get better and better!
    I’m back on board after an office party relapse.
    It definately makes sense for me to be carefull and selective with the people that I socialise with.
    I am still coping with anxiety and difficulty sleeping but I can clearly see improvement in my marriage.
    I am both excited, nervous and empowered with the knowledge of what alcohol has done to me.
    Onwards and upwards!

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Your life will get better and better without alcohol and with a will to push yourself forwards. That’s the exciting part, the unleashing of the real you… wow!

    • Carol

      Thanks for the generous work u do, Kevin. I am setting out again on the journey…so have been looking at your videos to strengthen and confirm my decision…once again..I’m about to make a break for freedom..will stay tuned ☺I need your positivity and encouragement.

      • Kevin O'Hara

        Welcome on board, Carol

  7. Ed

    Another good one. I’ve found that I have become friendlier and more self assured at parties and everyday discourse without alcohol. It seems counter intuitive, but I am having more fun at these social events without being drunk then I did while drunk. I do have to say however, that I have about a three hour limit when hanging out with drinkers. After about three hours the conversations tend to get stupid, cruder and circular which is my cue to thank the host for a lovely evening and leave. And I wake up the next day not hungover! Not being or feeling guilty about being hungover is number one on my top ten list. Onwards and upwards.

  8. Lisa

    Great video Kevin! Living a “watered down life” resonated with me (exactly what I’m doing). Thank you for all you do to help others try to overcome.

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Thanks Lisa

  9. rob

    One of your best videos Kevin. A huge thumbs up from me about the 10 points you make.

  10. Mark

    Really good post – I’m a new subscriber, although I’ve been watching your videos on and off for a while now. Had what I hope to be my last drink yesterday. Not a big boozer, but enough to know that I’m tired of the weekend cycle of drinking and recovering. I enjoy your posts because they are full of common sense rather than therapeutic psychobabble. I just need now to stop going for days at a time without drinking before convincing myself that I don’t have a problem and therefore ‘deserve’ a few cans. It’s a difficult cycle to break though, but your latest video is a great inspiration for what is possible. Cheers Kevin.

  11. John

    Tomorrow is 1 month sober ? Feeling great and noticing how my body is healing itself. During the first week of sobriety I slept one night 12 hours straight! Now I enjoy a solid 8 every night. No waking up with a headache in the wee hours and not being able to get back to sleep. No painful mornings with sore kidneys and fuzziness. Can’t wait to start my day now.Thanks to your video support I know I won’t go back to drinking. 45 years was enough. BTW, how do you get income or reimbursement for this site? Pretty sure Budweiser won’t be running ads here 😉
    Keep ’em coming!

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Through the paid courses, John

  12. rene john le vaillant

    Wonderful Keven. I am full of admiration for you and your great achievements! I know only too well how hard it is !!

  13. Amanda

    You are truly inspirational, I get something from every video of yours. I’ve tried AA and other websites but you say exactly what I need to hear. Day 8 for now after a 1000 day one’s, and I pray I never go back to that hell. Thank you Kevin x

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Well done Amanda…Keep tuning in…I’ll be putting videos up every day for the next year…


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