Christmas and the New Year without Alcohol

Christmas and the New Year without Alcohol

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Christmas and the New Year without Alcohol

Here’s a few tips on surviving the Christmas and the first days of the New Year without drinking alcohol.

Celebration is not about pushing as much alcohol down your throat as humanly possible and getting so drunk that you can’t remember anything.

How is that celebration?

The alcohol companies have their marketing machines in full swing at this time of year. Alcohol is everywhere. Alcohol advertisers are everywhere. Alcohol discounts are everywhere.

And yet alcohol will cause chaos in so many homes over the holiday season. That is the hidden consequence when a nation gorges on an insidious and dangerous drug.

Good cheer is spread through people, through good company, good conversation, jokes and laughter, food and merriment, everyone having a good time because that is what should happen when people are together, they have fun. Together is a wonderful place to be. “Let’s get together and feel all right” 🙂

The alcohol marketing will try to convince you that you cannot have fun without this drug. Remember, you are the source of the fun, not the alcohol.

I wish you the very best Merry Christmas feeling. Imagine the start you are going to give yourself for the New Year if you can summon up the courage to go against the grain, against that the common herd.

Speak to you in the New Year… Have a good one… Onwards and upwards!

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Onwards and Upwards!

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